Oil & gas

AZDynamics presents UAV inspections for on shore oil, gas & chemical industries. We provide close visual and thermal inspections and surveys of high, live and difficult to reach assets, such as flare stacks and flare tips, using our bespoke UAV's.
Our inspection service helps to reduce the potential risk of costly delays or surprises during planned shutdowns and turnarounds.
We minimise the need for people to work at height enhansing safety.
Advantages of live industrial assets inspections using UAV's are obvious as it reduces costs, improves safety, saves time and de-risks expensive shutdowns.
Our inspection gives the client the ability to compare results from previous inspections gving him the ability of being fully aware of the situation on the plaorm or on shore site.
AZDynamics pilots are fully trained and certified to operate on oil plaorms and hold (Bosiet) training cerficates.